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Chapter 4

The time had flown by since he and Jeff saved the wolves. Jensen and Buddy came to his life and pretty much changed a lot of things on the way. They were still to tell their parents about their relationship. But Jared doubted that their parents were oblivious to what was going on. Both Jared’s and Jensen’s brothers sensed it way before their sappy confession after the kiss. Jared and Jensen were still exploring in their relationship. Jared talked about the beating he took for admitting he was gay. He didn’t give detailed information about him...just the fact that he was beaten up. Jensen didn’t press the issue either. He told Jared that he could tell him more once he was ready. Jared was glad about it as it was one of the things he’d rather not talk about ever.  

Jared sat leaning onto the fence and videoed Rusty and Sheena playing in the training grounds. Donna had told them yesterday that Sheena had fully recovered and they were ready to go. As much as Jared would like to wish Rusty could stay, he knew that it would never happen. Rusty would leave him tomorrow. Jared bit back the tears. He was not ready to say good bye... least of all not after just two months.

Jared nodded at his father as he sat down next to him. Jared knew what he was probably gonna give him a lecture about the wolves.

“Seem like a normal day to them huh?” His father asked bumping his shoulder. Jared nodded looking at how they were playing with each other unknown that this protection they had now would not be there in the future.

“Yeah... I mean they don’t exactly know that they are gonna be set free.”

“They’ll be happy Jare.”

Jared snorted... ”For how long... how long would they be happy and safe?”

“We can’t keep them Jared; we already have finished this conversation.”

Jared glared. “Why not?”

“You know why Jared”, Gerald said sternly. Jared sighed and looked sadly at the two wolves. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that they were to leave the station. Gerald tugged him into a one-arm hug...

“I know you don’t like letting go of Rusty and I know how close you and Rusty are. But you have to understand that he can’t stay Jay...his mother is well enough to fend herself and him. Rusty will have a lot to learn about survival in the woods. “

“He’ll be in danger there... There are some of the hunters still around and what if the pack doesn’t welcome him back... I just don’t want to him to be hurt”, Jared said hugging his knees.

“He’s a wild animal Jared... the forest is where he belongs. You have to let him go once he’s ready... and he’s ready now. You have to remember we can’t always protect him... least not for ever.  You have to let him go and find his own way or else he wouldn’t be able survive on his own. You or his mother or anyone may not be with him...but he got to be strong to survive.”

Jared frowned. “Are we still talking about Rusty?” he asked searching his father’s eyes. Gerald smiled softly.

“Maybe... maybe not...but the question is will the wolf survive?”

Jared mind swirled immediately to Jensen, the time they spent, their kisses and Jensen’s soft caresses.

His nightmares were not far from being over. They still haunted him, he was still nervous around crowds and was only at ease around friends. But he knew that with time and help, the emotional scars would heal as the physicals ones did. Jared was glad that Jensen didn’t press the issues about the bashing. He kept his promise on he’d wait until Jared was ready to talk about it. Perhaps one day he might say what happened to him back at Nebraska... but for now he just didn’t. For the first time in a long while he was happy... he found his other half... and Buddy who had helped him to come out of his shy place...he had helped to make a stronger bond with Jensen. For now, Jared only wanted that... only ever wished for that...

“Yeah...I think the he would survive.” Jared gave his father a lopsided smile to his father. Gerald grinned at his son.

“Are we still talking about Rusty?” he asked with a twinkle. Jared chuckled.

“May be... maybe not...but the answer is the Wolf will survive!”

-The End-

:) Comments are made of love hope this read was ok enough to  receive some.
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